Making Your Mantle Marvelous!


The open expanse of a fireplace mantle begs for pictures, accessories, and other décor.

But that same space can quickly look cluttered before you know it.

Here are our do’s and don’ts for a marvelous mantle.  


Space and variation 

Don’t: Cram numerous pictures on a mantel.
Do: Curate a variety of pictures.

Fireplace with canvas

Choose various pictures – photographs and art – to add color, texture, and visual interest to a room.

For the most cohesive look, consider the size of the room, the length of the fireplace mantel, and existing furnishings to select pictures that will complement the space. 


Know your theme  

Don’t: Place random images.
Do: Style with a similar theme. 

Country themed fireplace

Select frames and pictures for your fireplace mantel that complement your existing decorating style and color scheme. For a sleek polished look, choose black-and-white photographs matted in simple, black frames.

If your vibe is contemporary, consider an oversized, colorful abstract painting to highlight your style.

For those into the rustic farmhouse trend, consider pictures with a similar theme, such as images of old barns, scenic landscapes, or farm animals.

If you’re an avid reader, place large books on the coffee table, and stack smaller faves on your mantle. 


Play with the height  

Don’t: Stick with the same height.
Do: Mix it up with layers.  

Cozy living room

Layering pictures on a fireplace mantel can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Choose framed prints in assorted sizes to create a layered look without appearing cluttered.

Center the largest frame on the mantel, leaning it against the chimney surface. Stagger the remaining frames to the right and left. Feel free to place smaller pictures in front of larger ones.

Then, balance the picture arrangement by hanging an attractive mirror next to the large picture.

Complete your arrangement with a vase of flowers or greenery in front of the mirror to add colorful texture and visual weight, as the reflection appears to add another piece.

Complete your arrangement by situating a couple of small items, such as votive candles in pretty glass jars, decorative balls, or small figurines.


Stay lit 

Don’t: Be left in the dark
Do: Light up your mantle 

Fireplace in living room

Not into photos? Consider candles! Position them in groups of assorted heights and hang a mirror on the wall opposite a mantel to provide double visual pleasure. 

Ornate, shiny silver and gold frames reflect the candlelight for a rich and romantic look. And using LED candles on timers is a safe way to add glow.

Best of all? It’s simple and quick to change up your mantle accessories when the mood strikes.