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  • Simple Budget Friendly Redecorating Tips with Major Impact

    There are a million and one ways to redecorate your home. How and what you do really depends on a few things: your space, your design preferences, and your budget.
  • Fall In Love With Your Framed Art - Again!

    You’ve found the perfect piece of art, and chose the ideal frame. You put the two together, but it just doesn’t seem right.

    Could it be you need to mat your artwork? Perhaps. 
  • A New Decade Means New Home Design Trends.

    Buh-bye white kitchens. Farewell, fiddle fig trees. Let’s take a look at what designers have in store for our homes for 2020. Navy Blue The 2020...
  • There’s A Right Way - And A Wrong Way - To Hang Art On The Wall.

    If only hanging art were as simple as pounding a nail into drywall.
    In some cases, especially very lightweight artwork, it is.
    In nearly all other cases, it’s not.
  • Spice Up Your Space In A Snap!

    These days, you may be spending a lot of time staring at your walls. And you may be wondering how you can change the look of your rooms without a ...
  • How To Store Art Correctly

    Many don't realize how easy it is to store art wrong until they learn the hard way - by ruining their own. To help you avoid this we've created a ...
  • Picking Picture-Perfect Wall Art

     A room isn’t finished until the art is on the walls. Art adds color, personality, and pizzazz. It’s what makes a room feel finished. Unfortunatel...
  • How to Keep Your Canvas Looking 10/10

    So, you've invested in a b-e-a-utiful canvas that breathes new life into your home and adds a ton of character.

    You want it to stay looking great, but over time canvases can degrade if not looked after properly.

    To keep it looking tip-top, cleaning is essential.

    Good canvas upkeep isn't exactly common knowledge, but thankfully it's easy to learn.

    Here are our best tips for keeping your canvas looking 10/10.

  • Five Secrets For Winning Color Combos

    You’d think that an awesome piece of art would look good anywhere, but trust us. That's not the case. Pairing your art with your walls ain't easy, but it's very, very important. Here are five tips for choosing the perfect combination of art and wall color.

  • 4 Unarguable Reasons Why You Just GOTTA Have Wall Art

    Your empty walls are the blank canvases that can be used to express yourself. And there are even more reasons why you should go ahead and add art to your walls. Here are 4 reasons why you gotta get some things on those walls.

  • 3 Rules To Hang Your Art Like A Pro

    Hanging a picture can be an agonizing process of trial and error. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your artwork looks if it’s not hung on the wall properly. Here are our tips for displaying your artwork beautifully.
  • 7 Common Mistakes People Make When Hanging Art

    From positioning, sizing, to how it fits with the rest of your room – there’s a lot that can go wrong. We are here to walk you through some of the most common mistakes we see people making.