Kick Kitchen Kitsch To The Curb

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the busiest room in your house. So much happens there that it may be hard to find time to decorate it and harder to find even more time to redecorate it.

But you can have kitchen art that is cool, creative, and timeless. And bonus! Some of these ideas are practical too. So in the words of Emeril Lagasse, let’s kick it up a notch.

So. Many. Clocks.

“Mom, what time’s dinner?” Different clocks of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs will answer that question. Or you could be a mean mom and set them all for a different time. Totally up to you.

A Hanging Herb Garden

This one is pretty and practical. Good cooks know that having fresh herbs in reach is essential when cooking, so a hanging herb garden is not only stylish but practical. You can buy a kit or assemble it yourself with a towel rack, hooks, and matching pots.

Dual-duty Pantry Door

Maybe your pantry has a door, or perhaps you’ve decided to add one to hide the messiness. Either way, it’s a blank canvas just crying out for something!

Painting it with chalk paint opens up a plethora of ideas.

The littles can draw on it while you’re fixing the meal.

You can create photo “frames” with a vinyl cutting machine, then glue cute clips. Use the chalk wall to write funny captions.

Use it to create a shopping list. Snap a pic before you head to the grocery store.

Post the menu for the evening, or if you’re organized and ambitious, the week.

Display Produce Baskets

 Many types of produce should not be stored in the fridge. Where can you place them where they are in sight, so you don’t forget about them, but out of the way?

A stack of wall-hung produce baskets does the trick–smaller baskets on top for avocados, larger baskets below for potatoes and onions. Straight-line them or stagger them. (You get the idea.)

Cutting Edge Display

Have you ever seen a fabulous cutting board and thought it was too pretty to use? Or you just can’t bring yourself to throw away a well-used board on its last legs? Create a wall display. Use picture hangers on the back to mount them solid square, round, or rectangle ones, or hang those with a handle with a cord.

Pass the Plates

Again, plates too pretty to use? A favorite dish someone gave you? Plates from a special occasion? Doesn’t matter! Hang them on the wall to create a bright and colorful display, or hang plain white ones and ask guests and family to sign them with a permanent marker.

Over the Rainbow

A trend that we’re sure won’t go out of style is arranging glassware in assorted shades to create an eye-popping effect. Choose all the colors in the rainbow or just a few that coordinate with your kitchen color. Make sure they’re of various shapes, heights, and styles for maximum impact. And add to the fun of dining or entertaining by letting people choose their water, wine, or dessert glass from the collection.


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