How To Use Sculptures To Take Your Space From Hmmm To OMG!

When art shopping we tend to be more likely to take home a painting or photograph than a sculpture. Why is that? Well, it's hardly because 3D art fails to move us in the same way as their flatter counterparts. No, it's more a question of what to do with it once we've brought it home.

That's where this guide comes in. We want to help you discover how you can incorporate sculptures into your home. It's an amazing way to overhaul a room and add some major wow factor.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of anything: from wood to marble, bronze, porcelain, and even paper! Few art forms can bring such a variety of textures and shapes into your home, so if you're not in the sculpture game, you're missing out!

So without further ado, here's our quick guide to using sculptures in your home.

Breathe color into your space

When you think of sculptures your mind might jump to classical pieces made of greying marble or white stone, but modern sculptures come in a wide array of colors.

You can use sculptures to add flashes of color to more subdued spaces without needing to hammer holes and hang pictures. This means it's easy to try out a sculpture in a space, then move it to another if the color is too bold. The job of choosing where to place the sculpture becomes easier when one can try out many different spots.

As a rough guide, big standalone pieces work fabulously in corners of dining rooms, living rooms, or even kitchens, where bright primary colors contrast wonderfully with white or cream backgrounds. Smaller pieces are good for shelves and exposed storage spaces.

Experiment with textures

Just like the fantastic effects that can be achieved with bright colors, bold textures can be very effective too. Diverse textures can help add grit and contrast to your space without making it feel too cluttered.

For example, an intensely textural ceramic would make a fantastic juxtaposition with cleaner matte or glossed surfaces. On the other hand, a smooth, sleek figure would still look beautiful against a clean, neutral space that doesn't attempt to distract from the sculpture.

Experiment with pairings

Pay attention to how your sculpture interacts with nearby artworks. You could pair it with a photograph or collage, or contrast textures by placing it over a rug or carpet. Or you could create awesome illusions by placing it in front of mirrors. It's up to you to have fun exploring how the setting can give the art different feels.

Adapt to the space

Work with what you have. If you're living in a cramped apartment then perhaps it's best not to buy a giant full-length sculpture. The beauty of sculpture is that there are sizes to fit every space. Smaller rooms - especially those with shelving or exposed storage - are great for little pieces.

These joyful little sculptures look perfect in cozy, busy spaces, nestled amongst other items to create a bohemian feel. Big rooms and hallways suit large, freestanding sculptures.

Head Outside

Sculptures don't have to be kept indoors. Your outdoor spaces can benefit too from a work made from durable materials like metal. Placing sculptures outdoors, in a garden, patio, or balcony, for example, can be a great space-saving hack letting you enjoy your sculpture from the interior if it's placed near a window or glass door.

Come sunset, your sculpture will even cast brilliant shadows all over your room too!

With these top tips, you too can harness the power of sculpture in your home. Good luck!