How To Spice Up a White Bathroom

The white bathroom is iconic, widespread, and to some… a little boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With some clever styling tips and interior know-how, you can achieve a unique and interesting style while retaining the sleek simplicity of a white color scheme.

Lighting, furniture choice, and accessories can all play their part in creating a unique experience in the home. To find out how to make magic, read on.

A Short History of Bathrooms

Did you know that sinks and toilets weren’t always made in white by default? During the 30s for example, ivory and pastel colors were more common. There are many examples of orchid, mauve, and peach being used. Imagine that!

The reason most toilets are white these days is because they’re made of bone-white porcelain. As bathrooms have become more ubiquitous since the 30s, white seems to have overtaken other colors as the main choice for bathroom design.


Bathrooms tend to be small and dark, with windows that don’t let in a lot of light. That’s the main reason white makes so much sense for a bathroom. No color is better than white at reflecting light from outside and bouncing it around a room to lighten it up.

  • Off-white. Even if your walls are white, that doesn’t mean your lights have to be. Go for a soft hue lightbulb to create contrast with the bright white of your walls.
  • Classic Lighting. Something truly classic like a French chandelier can add class and intrigue to a space like little else.
  • Rustic. Modern, hip light fittings can give your bathroom a Bohemian and trendy feel.
  • Accenting. Small lights can add depth and texture to your space.

Go Minimal

You don’t need to make things colorful in order to make things interesting. Instead, feel free to embrace simplicity and go down the minimalist route. To do this, opt for cement flooring, wood panels, and a clutter-free space. Use large mirrors to amplify natural light with greenery to balance the simplicity.

Use Wall Art

Wall art is a fantastic way of adding color, vibrancy and personality to your space. Choose pieces that really speak to your inner you and that you’d be proud to display. Your guests will certainly take notice of your art choices and so choosing pieces that are truly you is important.

Bathroom Counters

Contrast your simple white walls with a funky counter in primary colors or wood finish to add life and excitement to the room. Accents on the counters could be made in bronze or chrome to add extra fun.


There are few better ways to add personality to a bathroom than by the clever use of tiles. Use them as a backsplash for your washing area or even the floor. With so many shapes and patterns you’ll have plenty of options for personalizing your space.

Embrace Foliage

There’s nothing better than a nice plant to give your room personality. If you’re going to start greening your space though, choose your plants wisely. If there’s not much light in your bathroom, like most, then you’ll need a plant that can thrive in these conditions. Also, bear in mind that not all plants are suited to the moist, damp environment of a bathroom.

Experiment With Rugs

What’s going on underfoot can be just as important as what happens in front. So if you’re facing an oppressively white room, consider a funky rug to contrast with all that plainness. It’s best to use rugs that are specifically designed for bathrooms though, as these will feature rubber pads that prevent dangerous slipping of the mat.

Over to You!

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. We’d love to see you take our tips and turn them into bathrooms you can be proud of. After all, we all spend plenty of time in our bathrooms, may as well make them beautiful! Good luck.