How to Make your Bathroom look Incredible 👌

The bathroom can be one of the most exciting parts of your home to decorate. Do you create a relaxing, serene relaxation station? A decadent chill zone? Or a space for simply getting the job done? There are plenty of different ways you can take it. 

We hate to see bathrooms that lack personality when there’s so much scope to create something unique.  Here’s how you can make your bathroom something you can be truly proud of. Read on!

Frame it black

For a trendy, distinctive look in your bathroom, look no further than black frames. These slightly retro, industrial features can be applied around mirrors, to frame showers, and around other bathroom items to create stylish focal points.

Stylish storage

Shelves, drawers, cupboards and cabinets aren’t only good for storage, they can look great, too. Having a nice variety of interesting storage units can have a big impact on a room’s functionality and décor.

Put it on a pedestal… sink

Remember when pedestals were all the rage? Well, we’ve got news: They’re back! Since their peak they’ve become rare once more, meaning now’s the perfect time to use them for adding some character to your bathroom.

Levitate your vanity

Right now, floating vanities are having a moment. We can see why. They’re unrivalled in their ability to make a bathroom appear airy and spacious thanks to their lightweight and minimal appearance. If you want it to look really special, try adding LED lighting to the undersides to create a very cool effect. 


Nothing brings pleasant character to your bathroom like greenery does. Plenty of plants are well-suited to the moist environment of the bathroom, so do your research and add a houseplant. They not only look great, but purify the air, too!

The freestanding tub

There are few more effective ways of making an impact in a bathroom than adding a freestanding bathtub. With 360 degrees of access and a commanding place in the center of the room, these babies take bathroom décor to the next level.

Dramatic mirrors

Backlight those mirrors, baby! They create epic focal points in any bathroom, and you can choose any color for your LED backlights. It’s a fun and easy way of adding some very cool aesthetics to your bathroom.


The Romans loved it, the Greeks dug it too, it’s marble, and it’s the perfect material for decorating your bathroom. Add classical decadence by installing marble tiles with gray veining to create a graceful decor that covers the whole room. If you want to use marble more subtly, opt for marble countertops, washbasins, or shelves instead.

Hang those toilets!

Just like wall-mounted vanities, if you want to create a light and airy look and feel in your bathroom, wall-hung toilets are a great idea. They make the job of cleaning much easier, and they nicely hide the water tank in the wall, too, for an ultimate minimalist feel.

Tile away

No discussion of bathroom decoration would be complete without mentioning tiles. These versatile materials offer endless options for sizes, shapes, patterns and colors for decoration. If you’re looking for a way to totally revamp your bathroom’s design, this is the way to go.

Handle it well

Can’t afford to replace entire cabinets or drawers? Well, here’s an easy way to give them a makeover. Get yourself some snazzy handles or door knobs and replace your old ones. You can find all sorts of options at your local DIY shop or on the internet, they’re an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom decor.

Grab a new shower curtain

Shower curtains can be a blessing or a curse. Replace regularly, and you’ve got yourself a fine opportunity to add color and excitement to your room, fail to do so and you run the risk of letting it get moldy and unattractive. Find a bold shower curtain that reflects your personality and style and add it to the mix.

Add art!

Artwork can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. We have thousands of unique designs to choose from, so if you’re looking to add something truly ‘you’ to your bathroom, see what we’ve got!