How to Keep Your Canvas Looking 10/10

So, you've invested in a b-e-a-utiful canvas that breathes new life into your home and adds a ton of character.

You want it to stay looking great, but over time canvases can degrade if not looked after properly.

To keep it looking tip-top, cleaning is essential.

Good canvas upkeep isn't exactly common knowledge, but thankfully it's easy to learn.

Here are our best tips for keeping your canvas looking 10/10.

Dust Softly 

To keep your canvas clean you're gonna have to learn to dust it.

Be cautious, however, because scrubbing too vigorously is a good way to ruin it.

Instead, gently run a damp cloth over it.

Make sure it's a soft cloth made of cotton or microfiber, and remember to only spray water onto the cloth, not directly onto the canvas.

Avoid Chemicals

Dusting with water and a cloth will usually be enough to get your canvas clean.

If however, there's a more serious stain to be dealt with, you may need something more.

If you're reaching for household cleaners or harsh chemicals though, be careful. These will usually cause even more damage.

When encountering stubborn stains it's better to enlist a specialist than attempt to clean it yourself.

Hang it right

When it comes to hanging your prints, there are a few areas you want to avoid.

Hanging your canvas in a humid location like a small bathroom or a room with bad air circulation is a definite no-no.

It's okay to display your art outside briefly, but it's not a viable option in the long term.

Weather conditions like rain or even direct sunlight can easily ruin your canvas.

Try to find a place in the house with low humidity and minimal variations in temperature.

Store It Right

Even in storage, your canvases can deteriorate.

Avoid this by making sure you wrap the canvas in bubble-wrap or acid-free craft paper.

This protects it from exposure and reduces the chances of dust accumulating.

No one wants to see their canvas deteriorate.

Thankfully, with these simple tips you can make sure that your canvas continues to brighten your home for years to come.