How to Choose Your Perfect Curtains

A room just doesn’t look right without proper window dressing. Not only is it at the mercy of bright light and peering eyes, it's also missing out on a tonne of character! Curtains can transform a space by adding a vibrant dose of color, class, and intrigue. To harness the power of curtains, you need to find your unique style. For guidance on how to do this, read on.

How To Choose

The golden rule is: Know what your purpose is. If your curtains are going to be purely decorative, style is paramount. But if your concern is more practical, you’ll want something that gives you good control over the amount of light and privacy.

  • Consider combining drapes with blinds for more control over keeping light out.
  • For controlling light, your choice of fabric is very important.
  • Sheers will let light in while blocking direct sunlight.
  • Medium fabrics will let in a little light but not as much as sheers.
  • Heavy fabrics that come with a lining will block all natural light.

What Style of Curtain?

Think there’s only one style of curtain? Think again! In fact, there are many styles. Here are just a few:

  • Austrian - Instantly recognizable by the scalloped pattern they create. These split into sections that scallop horizontally but create a striped pattern vertically.
  • Blackout - They do what they say on the tin. These are for rooms where blocking out all light is important. Good for bedrooms and media rooms.
  • Curtain panels - A single drape to go across your windows, rather than a pair.
  • Grommet panels - We’re sure you’ve seen these before. They are curtains suspended from metal rings fed through a curtain rod.
  • Pinch pleat-draped - Pleated to perfection. They have numerous pleats or evenly spaced folds at the top and are attached to a rod by rings or pin hooks.

How Long?

Curtain length is almost as important as other considerations like style or color. The main options are…

  • Floor-to-ceiling. These tall curtains help your room appear taller by drawing the eyes upwards.
  • Short. If tall curtains make a room taller it follows that shorter curtains will do the opposite, right? Well, not always. What they certainly will do though is give you ample room below the curtains for a radiator, table, or kids’ toys.
  • Cafe curtains. This unusual curtain only covers the bottom of the window and they get their name due to their popularity in cafés and restaurants. They’re perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as they don't completely block the window or light.
  • Long curtains. These dramatic curtains are those that are long enough to extend all the way to the floor.


Now for the fun part. What color to choose? Here are some ideas:

  • Keep It Neutral. If you’re looking for a curtain design that effortlessly gels with a calm and relaxing room, go neutral. The soft muted tones help to create a tranquil atmosphere that invites you in.
  • Embrace Blue. Blue is a fine choice for any room. For a fine contrast, choose a rich dark blue that can contrast with a neutral color scheme powerfully.
  • Get Dark. The darker colors can create an elegant and sophisticated look that manages not to make it look dark and gloomy. Because your curtains will contrast against the bright light coming from outside, feel free to go dark and see how it goes.
  • A Bold Print. If you’re looking for something exciting, try out combining a simple color palette with various patterns and textures.
  • Gray Out. You don’t always have to go vibrant and bright with color. Opting for some mature gray can create an effortlessly elegant and timeless look, too.
  • Focus on Texture. Sometimes, the color can take a back seat to texture. For this approach, find curtains with interesting effects on the fabric.
  • Powerful Simplicity. Simple, calming colors can create a wonderful vibe. Opting for soothing tones like white can help the curtains enhance the spaciousness and openness of a room, framing large windows and making them appear to blend into the walls around them.
  • Coordinate With Your Art Take efforts to ensure that your curtains don’t clash against the surrounding room. So, if your wall art and furniture fit a certain color palette make sure your curtain choices reflect that.

Over To You!

And that's it! Now it’s your turn. Go forth, and have fun designing your perfect room!

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