How To Choose The Right Art For The Room

How do you know what art goes in which room? Truth is, there’s no hard and fast rule for each space. But there are a few home truths that can help guide us. Your art should reflect both your personal taste and the vibe of the room. It can do wonders, yet it can also work against you. To find out how to make sure it’s the former, read on.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is all about you. It’s a great place for expressing your tastes. People often have strong emotional ties to the decorations in their rooms and are willing to invest, so think big. You should consider investing in large-scale, unique pieces that truly define the space.

That said, your room should still be relaxing. So don’t go overboard and get something too overwhelming. Calm and relaxing vibes are perfect for the bedroom, so it’s a good idea to bring in art with blue tones and natural colors. Landscapes, soft abstracts - these work really well. Avoid loud reds and oranges as these are full of energy.

Remember to keep the color of your bedding, cushions, and throws in mind when choosing your art. You want them to suit each other and create a harmonious atmosphere in the space.

The Living Room

Gallery walls can be an impressive addition to a living room. Go for subjects like still lives and landscapes. You can also mix mediums, going from oils to colleges, photography, and more. Don’t forget to ensure your artworks vary in size.

Above the sofa is a great spot for hanging a circular piece. It can be used to bring a pop of color or intense texture with a high-gloss piece or coated canvas.

The Kitchen

Keep your kitchen uses in mind when decorating this room. Avoid anything glass or framed that might become greasy. On the other hand, feel free to go for canvases. For a subject, you can’t do much better than fruit or landscapes in the kitchen.

Juxtaposing a framed canvas with the hard, metal edges of a range can be a very powerful effect. That said, however, range hoods are usually the main focus of a kitchen, so you don’t want art to compete with it for attention. Choose art that’s not too loud that will work well with it.

The Dining Room

Your dining room is a great space to make really loud and colorful - feel free to go bold and brash with art. Think of it as the jewelry box of your home, with oversized art, bright colors, cool graphics. They should be interesting enough to act as conversation starters, like 3D art or things handmade. You may even want to experiment with sculptures!

The Bathroom

Your bathroom should heavily feature relaxing imagery. Choose pieces that are soothing and tranquil to display. Serene tones and motifs are ideal for a space like the bathroom. Smaller, subtle touches are key here. However, there’s still space for experimentation in the bathroom. Find unique pieces that reflect your style and go for it.

The Office

These days many of us are swapping the office block for the home office. And as we spend so much time here, it should be looking good. Gone are the days when you should settle for a few pictures of the family. Sure, keep those pictures, but also add some more!

Often you’ll be showcasing this room for colleagues as it forms the backdrop to video meetings, so choose wisely. Display lively pieces, or even your favorite inspirational quotes.

We all know that work can be very stressful. So another good idea is to display images that give you a sense of calm, like beaches and outdoor spaces. Large black and white photographs can also be a great choice.


Whatever you choose, make sure you choose quality. Our canvases are made to the finest of standards and we’ve got choices for every taste. We want to let you express your inner you and design your world. Take a look at our selection now.