How To Add Intrigue to a TV Wall

Sure, TVs are great to look at. But don't forget the bigger picture: what's going on behind? A TV wall is a perfect backdrop to your TV, giving you a great opportunity to build a stunning focal point and add character to an otherwise dull wall.

Making the perfect TV wall is certainly easier said than done, however. Many have failed and some have succeeded. If you'd like to be part of the latter group, then read on to find out how you can create an intriguing TV wall.

What exactly is a TV wall?

TV accent walls are the perfect place to put your TV and all of its accessories. It can form an intriguing focal point for your living room. You can break away from the design of the rest of the room by making your TV wall a different color, texture, or material from the rest of the room. Mount the TV here and decorate around it to draw the eye.

Which wall should become the accent wall?

So you want to create a TV accent wall... but which one should you choose?

Here are some tips for figuring that out:

  • The first wall you see when entering a room usually makes a great accent wall. 
  • A natural wall accent is possible with a fireplace, bookshelf, or any other interesting architectural features. 
  • The wall you are usually facing when in the room is a good choice. 
  • Go with a fairly unobstructed wall rather than one that is behind lots of furniture or decorations. 
  • Symmetrical walls work better than ones with lots of windows, slopes, etc. 

How to decorate the accent wall

There's no hard and fast rule to how you should decorate behind a TV. Things you can use to dress your accent wall include:

  • Furniture
  • Plants 
  • Shelving
  • Family photos 
  • Small decorative items 

Hide your wires

You don't have to start cutting holes in your walls to hide your wires. Even without doing so, there are easy ways of tidying up messy cables.

  • Use clips attached to the TV stand to hold and hide the cords. 
  • Zip ties can hold the cords and stop them from touching the floor. 
  • Use a cable management box to cover your power strip. 
  • A baseboard raceway is great for disguising cords that run along the wall. 

Intriguing TV accent wall ideas

Wallpaper Accent Wall

One of the easiest ways to add visual impact to a TV accent wall is to use wallpaper. Choose an interesting design and let the wallpaper do the rest.

TV Wall Mount on Tile

A strong and durable look can have a great effect. Especially if you have a fireplace. Use tiles to create a sleek and modern design for your TV mount wall.

Metal Accent

Use metal to create sleek and industrial designs that contrast wonderfully with your TV in a sophisticated way. Create an exciting effect on your entertainment wall while keeping things chic.

Go Purple

Have you heard? Purple is in right now. Paint your wall a bright poppy color like purple to create a fun family-friendly design.

Seagrass TV Wall

We're not suggesting you staple seaweed to the wall, but the next best thing. Seagrass is a wonderful natural fiber that works incredibly well as a wall covering. Use it to bring coastal joy from the outside, inside.

Add Canvases

One of the best ways to add character is to decorate around your TV with canvases and artwork. Take a look at what we have on offer to see how you could create your awesome.

Textured Concrete

For a truly modern look, look no further than concrete. You can create a beautifully textured effect by covering the wall with a thin layer of the stuff.

White Brick

Want to add modern intrigue while remaining warm and cozy? By using bricks painted white for your accent wall, it's possible to add interest and texture.

Rustic Wooden Planks

For country charm, use wood for a rustic TV background. Woods of different colors and darkness really add character to a living room.