Give your Home a Makeover with these Art Decor Tips

Need a quick and simple way to give your living space a fresh look? Even the most characterful spaces can look tired over time. Spice up your home decor with some simple tips for improving your interior.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is by adding new artwork or rearranging your current pieces. Many people overlook art when decorating their spaces, but it's an incredibly important step to creating the perfect space.

According to Interior Stylist Meenakshi Kapoor, it is essential to find art that speaks to the individual and resonates with them. Kapoor says, "I cannot impose my art preferences in your home if that art doesn’t resonate with you. So, it’s important to discuss and explore a variety of art right at the beginning."

Kapoor also recommends considering incorporating personal items, such as art from your travels or inherited heirlooms, into your home design. She suggests bringing these preferences to life with art and keeping them in mind while envisioning the space. She also emphasizes that art should not be limited to certain rooms, and can be used to add warmth and grace to areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and more.

Sarah Sham, Founder and Principal Designer at Essajees Atelier in Mumbai, emphasizes the impact that art can have on a space, stating that it can either make or break it. As a solution for adding color to a neutral space, Sham recommends incorporating a bold pop of color through artwork or using a dynamic wall sculpture. She also says that art does not have to be limited to two dimensions, suggesting you think about three-dimensional options as well.

Aradhana Dalmia, Founder of The Artemist, suggested that a quick and easy way to revitalize a space is by adding new artwork or rearranging existing pieces. Dalmia provided a few tips to help achieve this refresh.

1. Hang paintings

Classic and timeless, paintings can be a reflection of your personality. You can commission an artwork from a famous artist or find something curated to fit your space, budget, and requirements.

2. Experiment with art murals

In addition to traditional paintings, there are many ways to add art to your space. Murals are a great option and can come in a variety of styles, from neutral and abstract to traditional. Choose something that aligns with your personal aesthetics, or consider hiring a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

3. Incorporate sculptures

Sculptures can add form, shape, and texture to your space. They come in a range of mediums, including metal, wood, ceramic, and fiberglass. A large statement piece can be a great way to spruce up a space and give it a new look.

4. Display personal photos

Digital art prints are a popular and affordable option that can be easily changed when you want to update your space. When purchasing art prints, be sure to check the quality of the print and choose a high-quality paper or canvas. There are many options available online.

5. Consider art prints

What better way to personalize your space than to show off photographs of treasured moments with loved ones? Print off photographs at a local supplier or one online and display family and friends in your home.

6. Show off your artistic flare

Got an artistic streak? Don't be afraid to show off your creative talents in the home. If you got it, flaunt it. Whether it's drawing, painting, watercolors, or pastels, your own artwork is an original and impressive way of personalizing your space. 

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