Capturing Coastal Chic With A Beachy Vibe

It doesn’t matter whether you live next to a body of water or not; there’s just something so refreshing about décor that inspires a summertime feel all year round.

If you want to achieve this stylish look, follow our tips and tricks.

Before we begin.

Let’s discuss what beach décor is not.

If you visit an inexpensive home décor store, you’ll see wooden seagulls, fishing nets, plastic lobsters, flamingos in every conceivable style, and plaques with sayings such as, “Life’s a Beach!”, “Life is Better by the Beach,” “Beach Bum for Life.”

This is not beach décor. Repeat: This is not beach décor.

Beach design is timeless. It’s bright, light, and airy. And it focuses on the star of the room: The beach.

Wall Color and Texture

Shades like airy blues, sand dune neutrals, and seagrass greens are typically associated with nature and tranquility, making them perfect for a beach house or room.

If you want your walls to be neutral colored but not dull, consider horizontal pine planks, shiplap, or beadboard. These surfaces add texture instead of color and are an ideal blank palette.

Look Down, Look Up

If a neutral pallet is too, well, neutral, you can add bold color on the floor. Because you want to stay away from carpet (so much sand!), consider painting the floor with either a solid color or stencil pattern.

Another fun place for color is the ceiling of the porch. Bright pops of sunny yellow or dark midnight sky can satisfy your need for bold color.

Windows, Windows, Windows

As we mentioned earlier, the focal point in your beach-theme design is the beach. Many homes that overlook a beach have floor-to-ceiling windows or large French doors or sliders that open to a deck.

If large windows are not within your budget, keep the windows you do have light and breezy: avoid heavy curtains or thick shades.

Consider no curtains at all! If privacy is a concern, hang sheer panels, roll-up matchstick blinds, or lightweight fabric shades.


If you live near a beach, you know that there will be sand everywhere. Therefore, keep furnishings easy to clean, vacuum, or wash.

Choose area rugs that you can give a good shake out the door. Sisal and seagrass are also good choices, as their neutral colors will add to the look and feel without adding weight. Sand and dirt will not damage them, and a good vacuuming cleans them right up.

Avoid dense woven or tweedy upholstery fabric on the furniture. (Again, the sand goes everywhere!) Washable slipcovers are an excellent idea for when the kids plop on the sofa with a drippy popsicle.

If you’re craving color, consider painting accent pieces, such as end tables and lamps, in bright shades to add some contrast.


Vintage pieces found in antique or thrift shops look great in a beach-themed room. Consider nautical pieces such as an old model sailing ship, a brass handheld telescope glass, or ship’s lantern.

Colorful glass vases and jars add color, and pillows in a water-theme motif, such as a ship, lobster, or crab, can complete the look.

One More Thing

Your beach-theme space should be low-maintenance. Stay away from anything too fussy, too dark, or too heavy.

Keep it light, bright, and breezy to make every day feel like a day at the beach.