8 Ways To Rock Your Bay Window

If you're lucky enough to have a bay window in your home, chances are you've wondered how best to utilize this unique space. It can be a challenge to get the most out of it with the awkward shape creating a difficult space for placing furniture. Used correctly, however, bay windows offer a fantastic chance for an area that simply bursts with character. To find out how, read on.

Make it the centerpiece

Your bay window can become the main focal point of a room. To do so, dress the windows in glamorous eye-catching curtains. Place curved and voluminous furniture that reflects the shape of the window to make a wonderful statement that draws in the eye.

Make a window seat

One way you can make the most of your bay window is by turning it into a window seat. Measure the space and try to get an upholstered bench that covers the entire width of the window. It will be as if you've got another sofa - except this one has unrivaled views out of your window. Be sure to cover your seat with plush cushions and blankets!

Make them into French Doors

Ooh, la la! Bay windows can even be transformed so that they're not so much windows at all. If on the ground floor, it can be a good idea to have French Doors installed to give you an impressive entrance to and from the garden. You don't have to give up the space either. You could place some light, easily moved chairs in front of the doors and move them whenever the door is in use. 

Frame a dining space

Bay windows are almost always a symmetrical feature, which means that they can create a natural space for dining tables and chairs. With big bay windows, it ensures a light and airy space for entertaining guests.

Go big

Bay windows can be a fantastic place for showcasing a statement piece of furniture or ornament. The crescent created by the bay can act as a stage to display something. It could be a decadent love seat or perhaps a large freestanding sculpture.

Create a library

If you really want to push the boat out, try installing some sleek shelves along the lower section of the window. Creating a crescent-shaped library in your bay window is an epic move that is sure to impress!

Go small

Bay windows don't always have to be filled. It can be just as impactful to leave the space fairly bare, adding more beauty to the few things you do choose to display here. Minimal decorations like shutters, a lamp, and maybe a pot plant can go a long way. Also, less furniture means more light will be let into the room.

Bathe in style

What could be better than a bath set in a bay window? Very few things, in our opinion. Of course, this is only an option if you're lucky enough to have a bay window that's not visible to neighbors, but if you do, do it. Uninterrupted views while you soak in the bath are too good a prospect to give up.

We hope this guide gives you inspiration and guidance on how to use that most versatile of spaces... the bay window. Enjoy and happy decorating!