8 Stylish Ways to Dress your Dining Room Walls

A dining room is a special place. It’s where you’ll serve delicious feasts, lose friends over heated games of Monopoly, and since the pandemic, it might even be your office. So it’s important to it get right.

Because we don't tend to spend as much time in our dining rooms as we do the living room or kitchen, it's a great space to experiment and get creative with. We want to inspire you to create a dining room you'll love, so read on to hear our ideas for dining room wall design.

1. Earn your stripes

Horizontal stripes can give the illusion of big space. Make sure you keep the colors simple and stick to a few hues, however. Artwork in a room like this is most effective when kept simple and large - if it’s too small or busy it can get lost among the stripes. 

2. Get woody

It can be challenging to make dining rooms appear warm and inviting. One way of achieving this is to incorporate reclaimed wood accents into your design. A wall of reclaimed wood is a bold look that will give your dining room tons of character and is very on-trend.

3. Big wallpaper + bold accent color = dining room bliss

Want to know a simple, yet effective trick for creating a dining room with a serious “wow” factor? Create an impactful design by using a graphic wallpaper in a color like gray, black, or white, then combine that with a bold, vibrant accent color. These smart color choices allow your wallpaper to shine while your accent colors support the paper.

4. Embrace metallic wallpaper

You can do a lot with textures and patterns. Consider metallic print wallpaper with modern graphic patterns to bring light into a room. Even if you’re going for a neutral or minimalist feel, the chic glimmer of metallic accents can zap life into a room.

5. Curtain call!

Sadly, not all of us have the freedom to paint our walls. But, we can still transform our dining room with the use of drapes! These dramatic features can add an impressive amount of color to a room, especially if you choose prints or patterns that add complimentary accent colors to your palette. Our top tip when using drapes is to splash out - buy an extra set for fuller, more luscious depth.

6. Photos can open up a room 

If you’re looking at a plain wall wondering how to jazz things up, try a photo gallery! Building a mural of photos can create tons of visual interest on your wall. Choose to display personal photos or beautiful vistas such as relaxing beach scenes. If you’re worried about your photos throwing off your overall design, aim to match your artwork's colors to the room’s existing palette. 

7. Go for a mix of colors and patterns 

Be bold, fearless, and creative. Your dining room is one of the lesser-used rooms in the house so you have more freedom to choose zanier options when it comes to patterns and colors. If you want to mix patterns but don’t want things to become too hectic, try a monochromatic palette to give your design a sense of cohesiveness. 

8. Eyes to the sky

Is a ceiling a wall? Debatable. Can it be customized to create awesome new looks? Definitely! Create drama by adding a big chandelier to the center of the room, paint the ceiling a funky color, or use reclaimed wood or wallpaper. 

We hope you enjoyed our run-through of our favorite dining room wall ideas. Use these tips to create the perfect dining room to entertain, enjoy, and relax in.