7 Amazing Apps for Interior Design

When it comes to decorating our homes, sometimes you reach the limit. You can become tired, uninspired, and overworked. Believe us, it happens to everyone who tries to take on the task of creating a perfect home. When this happens, it's great to have something to help spur us on and make our job as décor creators easier. 

By using apps, we can improve our interior design game by utilizing the wealth of information available on the internet. But not all apps were created equal. Wanna know our top picks? Read on.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest on screen
You'll likely have heard of this one... because it's great. For interiors, it's a must-have. The app brings together images from crafty people from all over the globe. You can organize them into inspiration boards to collate and discover ideas for your home. The only downside? You might be a little too inspired! 

2. Houzz

House architecture
Houzz aims to be a one-stop-shop for all your interior needs. You can browse and save photos, find local professionals, get inspiration, and even try out their products in your own virtual room, all from within the app! All photos in Houzz are filtered before they're added, meaning you won't have to put up with any low-res images as everything you see will be sleek and professional. 

3. 1stDibs

To avoid disappointment, let us just mention that this is only available for iPhone users. Now that that's out of the way, 1stDibs is a curated marketplace of some of the most attractive art, furniture, and collectibles out there. Be warned, if you're looking for a bargain, this app probably isn't for you. But if you want high-quality designer wares, this app rocks. 


4. Color Capture

Have you ever seen a color that you absolutely LOVE, but had no way of using? Color Capture solves this problem by letting you capture any color, anywhere. It matches the color from your photo to a Benjamin Moore paint color. Pretty neat right? 

5. Morpholio Board

3D rooms
This is an interior designer's dream. You can use Morpholio to make beautifully detailed mood boards featuring all your favorite designs, materials, and furniture. It doesn't stop there though. The coolest thing about this app is its ability to create beautiful 3D rooms that you can fill with furniture of your choosing. It even has Pinterest integrated into it so you can easily sync with your Pinterest boards. 

6. Havenly

Use Havenly to be inspired, design your home and purchase cool items for your space. An interesting feature that comes with this app is the opportunity to work with a Havenly interior designer who will help you create your dream home. The Style Quiz on this app is another interesting feature. It lets you know your own home and interior style, and afterward, you'll have fine-tuned recommendations of photos and products to suit you. 


7. Rooomy

Opening this app is like a trip to your favorite furniture store from the palm of your hand. Browse the largest selection of 3D furniture products in the world, and use Augmented Reality to beam those products directly into your room. The app allows you to easily upload your room into the app, which is then rendered in 3D and fully customizable, letting you try out all your wildest style fantasies! How futuristic! 

We hope you've enjoyed learning about the best interior design apps that the internet has to offer. They really do have the potential to make our design dreams a reality. Enjoy!