6 Decorating Trends to Use With Extreme Caution

We’ve all seen decorating trends come and go. Inflatable furniture, anyone? But sometimes even the most level-headed of us get caught up in the hype. When we see people we follow on Instagram’s amazing new designs in their homes, who wouldn’t want to emulate that?

While it’s absolutely OK to take inspiration from what’s popular at the time, following a trend too closely can give you an uninspired decorating scheme that lacks personality.
We want to help you tread the line so that you can use these trends to your advantage without falling into this trap. To find out how, read on.

Trend #1 Gray Washing

Few people’s favorite color would be gray… but in interiors, it's become Miss Popular lately. It’s being used as an alternative to beige and cream, a neutral color with much more pizzazz than those tired old shades. But it’s easy to overdo this trend, creating a flat look in a room.

To avoid ‘Gray-washing’ it’s wise to layer your colors in the room. Achieve this by introducing layers of different neutrals, with tonal, textural accents interspersed in between, bringing additional sleek color into the space. Essentially, avoid using too much of the same shade and introduce variety.

Trend #2 Gallery Walls

Gallery walls look great. They look even better on Instagram. That’s part of the reason why gallery walls have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. But is a decorating scheme geared towards Instagram posts really ideal?

Some choose to purchase all their framed prints from the same shop, in one go, so that they can instantly acquire the look. But this is a bad idea, avoid ‘one-stop-shop’ services like this.

A much more fun, and much better-looking method, is to gradually collect prints that really speak to you over time. Visit vintage sellers, thrift shops, markets, wherever your curiosity takes you. Eventually, you’ll build a unique, fascinating gallery wall that can add a bucket load of personality to your home.

Trend #3 Industrial

Industrial décor has been all the rage for years now. It adds an effective touch of edgy, hipster flavor, but don’t overdo it. Actually, ‘industrial overdo’ was named as the most commonly regretted design in a poll recently.

It’s easy to get wrong. Giving your home a warehouse/factory style can easily backfire if not done well, making it appear cold and sterile. I mean who would want to live in a factory? If you’re a fan of this style though, the best way to succeed is to keep it simple. Add one or two industrial pieces and mix them up with softer elements.

Trend #4 Painting Floorboards

Don’t get us wrong, we love painted floors. But if you get tired of your vintage, shabby-chic vibe, it’s not easy to undo. A less drastic option that avoids ruining your beautiful natural wood flooring is to accessorize with bright rugs instead. Wooden floorboards are treasures, and we advise treating them like a piece of wooden furniture. Use vibrant rugs that clash magnificently with the dark earthy tones of the floor.

Trend #5 Playing It Safe With Bedroom Design

In the bedroom, most people veer on the conservative side (when it comes to décor, at least), going for matching furniture and perhaps a painting on the wall. But we hate to see these overly safe designs when there’s so much else that can be done. It’s not a place where many people will see if you don’t want them to, so experiment! Use this space to express your inner style and tastes. Go for it!

Trend #6 Generic artwork

Ever gone to one friend’s house and seen a piece of art you like, only to head to another friend’s and see the exact same piece? These days, we don’t need to settle for the limited supply at our local art store. At NicheCanvas, we’ve got literally thousands of designs at your fingertips. Come take a browse today and find something truly awesome.