5 Panel Wall Art: A Modern Way to Decorate Your Home

If you want to design your living room with spectacular art, a split canvas piece sounds perfect! For a truly unique look, a 5-panel canvas gives you a lot of options. You can get them in timeless designs and elevate the look of your home. 

Canvas prints are waterproof, fade proof, and free of glare! Most people can't tell a canvas print from an original piece, which makes decorating your rooms with art so affordable! 

These split canvas pieces are available in three to five panels and a variety of designs, orientations, and sizes. At NicheCanvas, we now offer them in handcrafted fits and quintessential floating frames. We have over six hundred pieces of artwork from local and international artists ready to be shipped in gallery-wrapped canvas.  

What is Multi-Panel Wall Art? 

A multi-panel canvas print is a piece of artwork split into multiple frames. The panels are displayed side-by-side at different heights with a small gap in between. As you can already tell, a picture is split into different sections, and each of them is printed on an individual canvas. 

The separate canvases are displayed next to each other so that the artwork looks perfectly aligned from a distance. Split canvas artwork looks the best when you're standing or sitting across the piece. It can tie the interior together in terms of aesthetics and interior design.   

Why Choose Our 5-Panel Canvas Prints for Your Home?

At NicheCanvas, we have a fantastic collection of canvas prints, and we ship them in top-notch condition for our valued customers. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $99. A multi-panel canvas print is everything you need to give your space a lively makeover.

Beautiful Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints 

Gallery-quality prints flaunt a beautiful, flat canvas with graininess similar to an original piece. 

The printing details can be the same in both kinds of canvases, but gallery-standard ones are better in terms of finishing, framing, and quality.

Your split wall image is printed on durable, top-notch cotton and polyester canvases. These are waterproof, fade proof, and crack-resistant all the way!

Gorgeous Pine Italian Frames

We provide frames made from authentic pine wood. Italian artisans professionally handcraft our Roma Moldings. 

Our floating frames are all about a flawless finish. They are usually the shape of a rectangle. But they can come in different shapes. It's a good idea to buy frames that are joined by hand for excellence and quality.

Stunning Handcrafted Fits 

Our canvas prints are duly inspected by our on-site artists. Rest assured, your multi-panel artwork will arrive in pristine condition, or you can get a full refund. You'll love our gallery-worthy pieces and their floating frames for sure! Plus, you get rubber bumpers and metal hangers with every purchase of our multi-panel canvases. 

Artwork That is Made to Last

The point of choosing canvas over poster paper is their pigmented and fade proof finish. You want a split canvas print that has authentic colors and fine details. Some people like to have the stretched canvas put on display and the fasteners in the back.

And some like to see smooth edges and a neat frame. Our Greenguard Gold ink can produce glare-free, vibrant prints for your next piece of artwork.  

UL-Certified Greenguard Gold Ink 

Many people don't purchase oil paints because of their high VOC content. Why breathe in toxins when you can have our safe canvas pieces in your home instead?

We print our multi-panel canvas prints in UL-certified Greenguard Gold and latex inks.

These release a much lower amount of VOC emissions compared to most oil paints and acrylics. This way, we make sure that your indoor air is safe for pets and children. 

A Comprehensive Size Guide for Every Room

We sell multi-panel artwork for small to big living rooms in three different sizes. Our smallest size runs 60 inches tall and 32 inches wide. The largest piece can be made in an 80" × 40" stretched canvas. Regardless of the frame size, we ensure sharp resolution, color, and detail in all our canvas products.

Gallery-Style Ready-to-Hang Prints 

Our canvas prints are the best of their kind. We offer split canvases in multiple sizes and also stretch them by hand. Stretched canvases have an artistic look that puts forward a beautiful presentation.

They easily compare to gallery quality pictures. What's more, they can be hung right out of the box.  

Warp-Free Stretcher Bars 

We use kiln-dried wood sourced from sustainable forests to ensure top quality and framing. Our stretcher bars are knot-free, and they won't warp with time. We use 1.25"- thick wood for the framework, which looks refined and sleek from all angles. Moreover, the bars are finger-jointed at our facility for a seamless fit.

A Wide Range of Designs 

We are constantly adding new pictures from artists all over the world. At NicheCanvas, our goal is to provide customers with a lot of different options.

If you want to go canvas shopping, you can shop from over 25 categories on our website, including nature, minimalism, rustic, space, animals, fantasy, fashion, beauty, cities, zodiac, sports, black-and-white, psychedelic, abstract art, and many more!

How to Hang Multi-Panel Canvas Art Accurately 

It's easy to hang our 5-panel canvas pieces all by yourself at home! Your canvas image will arrive with sawtooth hangers, rubber bumpers, and an installation note. It takes only a few minutes to get the alignment right and have beautiful canvas prints displayed on your wall. Let's see how it's done!

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Place for Hanging the Prints 

First, you need to decide where you want the wall art to go. Many customers chose to hang their multi-panel canvas prints on their drawing-room walls. Our eye-catching prints also look phenomenal in any bedroom, entrance hall, or office space. 

Step 2: Align the Middle Panel on the Wall

The best way to display evenly aligned canvas prints is to start with the middle frame. It's the largest one and should be the focal point of the entire room/office. Position it at the center of the wall, leaving enough space on the left and the right for the other pieces.   

Step 3: Mark the Spot Where You'll Drive the Nail

Now that location and alignment are out of the way, you can start marking the spots for all five frames. We have a simple trick to ensure that your experience with canvas prints doesn't start off on the wrong foot.

Apply some toothpaste on the sawtooth hanger of each frame. Now, press the frame to your wall, and that's where you need to put the nail! 

Step 4: Secure the Panel to the Wall 

The toothpaste is meant to leave a little mark on the walls. Don't worry! You can easily wipe it off with a wet rag. This way, you can try different placements of the panel until you're 100% satisfied. 

For this step, you need to get a hammer and a nail. Take the nail to the toothpaste mark and carefully hammer it halfway into the wall. You can put up the first canvas now that you have a hook for the sawtooth hanger. It's time to put together the rest of them and finish your masterpiece.

Step 5: Leave Enough Room between the Frames

The trickiest part of hanging split canvas frames is to ensure an even gap. You want to make sure  all five panels come together correctly for your final display. 

So, how far apart do you hang a multi-panel canvas piece? Ideally, two split canvases should have an inch of space between them. Most sellers recommend leaving no more than 1-½ inches for a coordinated look.  

Step 6: Repeat the Process for the Other Panels 

To set up the four remaining frames, do the alignment in relation to the center panel. Align and only mark after you have kept an inch distance from the other frames - leaving more than an inch can compromise the modern look of the split canvas.

While you're at it, make sure to go in an alternating sequence. For example, after the middle frame, set up the rest of them in the left, right, left, right order.  

Step 7: Keep the Height of the Panels in Mind  

If you chose a symmetrical canvas piece, it would be easier to follow the design and position your frames. However, some designs are abstract and flowy. 

For a tied-together and harmonious look, place the alternating frames at the same height. 

During the installation, it's always a good idea to take a step back and check out the balance. Our canvas products are tailored in a way so there should be no incline once they're properly hung.

Things to Consider Before Buying Multi-Panel Canvas Art Piece

A split canvas piece, or multi-panel artwork, can revamp your interior design and change the look and feel of your space. If you're interested in a multi-panel canvas print from NicheCanvas, or different manufacturers, consider the following points before making a purchase. 

Decide a Color Scheme for the Room 

Canvas prints look awesome in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. If you have an empty wall, hanging gorgeous artwork is the best thing you can do on a budget. To make such a prominent canvas work with your decor, you should select a theme first. 

Hand-Stretched Canvas Prints 

Split canvas prints can be customized in different orientations – portrait, square, landscape, and panoramic. One thing you need to consider is size when selecting the canvas print. More often than not, each shape is suitable for displaying a certain type of image. 

Height and Width of the Frames 

Before buying a split canvas print, you should determine the dimensions of the piece as a whole. 

If the canvas and a sofa set are going to share the same wall, make sure not to buy wall art so large that people sitting on the sofa block the view. 

Canvas prints look absolutely brilliant when viewed headon. So, you want to match their dimensions to that of your room for easy, effortless viewing.

Sturdy Stretcher Bars 

A stretcher bar is a wooden framework that supports the canvas print. The canvas is first stapled on the rear, flat side. It gives the illusion that the artwork is floating or hovering at the front. 

As far as durability is concerned, a wooden stretcher bar will pass the test of time. Stretcher bars made of kiln-dried wood or pine are of the highest quality. 

A Seamless Gallery-Quality Finish

Split panel canvases are big in size. They will take up significant space on your wall. So, it's important to ensure gallery-worthy quality.

You can choose between a regular print and a gallery-quality print. The difference between them is a smooth frame and an overall polished look.

At NicheCanvas, We’re Here to Help

Our 5-panel wall art will instantly brighten up your space with its split canvas effect. We offer a variety of artwork from many local and international artists touching a wide range of artistic genres. 

We tried to cover what makes a multi-panel canvas so special, what features they have, and what materials are used in the making. 

If you have any questions, make sure to contact our Help Center. For you, we're here seven days a week, 24 hours a day! Thanks for reading!