10 Ways to Beautify Your Hallway!

Hallways are often overlooked, yet they’re the vital arteries of our homes. They connect room to room, lead us to and from different areas of the house, and are often dark, lonely, and forgotten. But rather than treating them as a nether-zone to be traversed on the path to better places, these areas can make great contributions to your home decor!

You can use your hallways to reflect your style. But with a shortage of floor and wall space, what’s the best way to add some individual flavor? How can adding details to such a narrow space really add more elegance? We’re here to offer inspiration, read on to learn 10 ways of doing just that.

#1 Cozify the halls

It’s time for a mindset shift. Rather than thinking of your hallways as a pass-through space, start conceiving them as a warm-up to the main event. Find reasons to encourage use of the hallway for relaxation and appreciation. Try adding cozy wallpaper or perhaps a comfy seat in the corner paired with a side table. Let your hallway guide guests to new places, with hints of what’s to come.

#2 Let there be light

In dark, narrow passageways and halls, design can be a challenge. But light paint can do a hell of a lot when it comes to making a space feel airy and calm. Use bone or cream tones to open up the space and allow your wall art room to breathe.

#3 Curate your collection

Your hallway can present the perfect opportunity for displaying a collection of items that are uniquely you. Select items that hint at the wider decor of the home. Your subtle choices here can create a powerful feeling of cohesiveness in your design. Achieve balance by layering a selection of books, candles, sculptures, and vases.

#4 Lighten up

Lighting is your secret weapon against boring hallways. Use sconces and ceiling lights to create visual intrigue. Make your hallway one of those rare ones that aren’t dingy and dimly lit by adding lighting that fits the bill.

#5 Mirror, mirror, in the hall

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book - for good reason. Using a mirror can help open a small space cheaply and easily. Hallways are the perfect place for being bold and taking risks, so go big and get a mirror that really makes an impact. Try a round mirror to add chic confidence to the space.

#6 Build your gallery

Artwork is the missing piece of the puzzle for any space. It can inject life, color, style, or a focal point. Find artwork that reflects your personal style and tastes online or in stores. Take a look at our online store to browse thousands of unique and high quality canvases.

#7 Embrace your floors

With a lack of floor and wall space, a hallmark (excuse the pun) of most hallways is being able to bring eyes downward. Your hallway is the perfect space for utilizing some nice floor art, like patterned runners. These narrow beauties really draw the eye and make a big visual impact. Remember to make sure that you use hardy materials for rugs so that they can withstand the heavy footfall of a hallway.

#8 Add a splash of color

While we recommend keeping your walls light and bright, your artworks can be an opportunity to go wild with color and excitement. Contrast with your neutral backdrop with statement-making artworks that draw the eye and scream personality.

#9 Personalize the stairs

If you think hallways are neglected when it comes to decoration, spare a thought for stairways. These are even more neglected thanks to their awkwardly shaped walls. The unusual shapes mean you should think outside the box when decorating, try adding objects that are meaningful to you, family photos, or objects.

#10 Deck the halls

We hope our tips help you to create a hallway that shows off your unique tastes and personality. We think there are few things more joyful than displaying your favorite pieces of art in your home. Check out our stocks of hundreds of wonderful pieces, here.