10 Wall Art Ideas For The Perfect Feminine Office

Sure, work might be boring. But that doesn’t mean your workspace has to be. Quite the opposite, in fact. We think the best way to make working from home work for you is to create a sublime working space. If you’d like to create the perfect feminine office, read on.

First, The Basics

Before we start on the wall furnishings, what about the rest of the room? What kind of furniture does an office for women demand? Well, anything really. You could opt for ornate, traditional furnishings, or sleek, modern choices.

In many cases, to give it that feminine feel, you may want to choose bright, feminine colors like pastels and pinks. You could also experiment with accessories like vases, mirrors, picture frames, ornate rugs, and cushions!

Once you’ve got the furniture sorted, organize! Make sure your office is clean and that your items are well stored in places that make sense. Bookshelves and drawers are a good way to minimize clutter.

If you've got the space, you can even add more coziness to the space by adding couches or coffee tables, or maybe even a window seat with a pillow cushion if you’ve got the space.


Strike a pose! Add glamour to the office with prints straight off the catwalk. These pieces emphasize the beauty of the female form and are often colored with bright, vibrant hues, emphasizing fun and creativity.


Nothing says femininity like flowers. To add a sophisticated, colorful charm to your office, browse the Flowers Collection and sniff out your favorites. For something arty, try one of our painted canvases. For something a bit closer to reality perhaps choose one of the photo prints.


Harness the power of the zodiac for your workday with our collection of star sign themed canvases. Whatever your star, these artworks will ignite a passion for your work in your heart that will let your femininity thrive!


Mwah! Sultry, full, and fresh, put some lips on your wall for a splash of cheeky feminine allure in your office. Our artworks range from pop art pieces to abstract and colorful depictions, to photos and paintings. All are unique and wonderful.


Bring the majesty of the animal kingdom home with our Animal Collection. There’s no better way to inspire your work than to gaze up at the beauty of the natural world. Choose anything from skulking wolves to handsome horses to create your ultimate animal paradise.

Inspirational Quotes

Be inspired by the walls of your office! Adorn your four walls with inspirational quotes that help you handle whatever life throws at you with style and attitude.

Black and White

For the girl that’s cool, calm, and collected, black and white art can create a sophisticated effect for your home office. We stock B&W depictions of animals, landscapes, flowers, and monuments, so whatever your style, you should be able to find something here.


If you’re a hopeless romantic, then the Love Collection is perfect for you. Whether it's a sensual scene or an unforgettable kiss, this collection has it all.

Over To You!

That’s it! Good luck creating your perfect feminine office. We hope you find the perfect canvases to help you design your awesome.