Stylish Solutions for Empty Walls!

New homeowners are often faced with empty blank walls, as are renters. Or, perhaps you’ve given your walls a fresh coat of paint and want to update your wall décor as well.

Regardless of your situation, it may be tempting to simply fill it with a couple of pieces of artwork and call it good.

And while we’re certainly not “anti-artwork,” there are other interesting, unusual, or unexpected pieces that can highlight your style, are far from mundane and can bring your space to life.

Let’s explore some options.

A Living Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have a room filled with natural light, you could fill your wall with living plants.

Consider floating shelves that hold rows of herbs, tomato plants, or edible flowering plants in the kitchen. They will give your kitchen a great vibe, and fresh ingredients will always be at your fingertips.

In other rooms such as the living room, den, or home office, plants on floating shelves will bring an unexciting space to life. Consider textural cacti or colorful succulents in eye-catching pots.

A great alternative to shelves is an assortment of wall-hung or wall-mounted pots, which you can fill with flowering plants or vines.

But a small word of warning: Living walls require maintenance. If you’re not interested in watering, deadheading, or trimming your plants, then a living wall isn’t for you.


There is a bit of mystique surrounding mirrors, particularly regarding feng shui. Mirrors are viewed as having the property of reflecting (and effectively multiplying) things in your home.

Experts believe that the best room to hang mirrors is in the dining room, representing your capacity to hold wealth. But don’t place them in the kitchen, especially facing the stove, as the mirror will host negative energy.

In the living room, mirrors can make gatherings feel more festive by doubling the number of people present in the room. However, they can also amplify bad energy if your guests are negative, so tell them to leave the drama at home.

And throughout the home, any mirror that reflects a beautiful, positive view is highly desirable. If the mirror reflects a window, the natural light will brighten the room.

But don’t limit yourself to one mirror or a particular style of mirror. Cover the wall from floor to ceiling with mirror tiles for maximum effect. Either plaster them with assorted mirrors for shabby-chic eccentricity, or evenly place two or three large mirrors to achieve modernity or symmetry.

A Water Feature

A water feature indoors on a wall? Sure, why not!

Yes, a free-standing water feature beautifies a yard or a stylish, contemporary office. But recently, many wall-mounted water features have hit the market. If you have a small, bare wall in an urban-chic, modern, or Zen-inspired home, a gently gurgling water feature fits right in.

A Custom Mural

Once upon a time, wallpaper murals were all the rage. But forget about those! As they say, go big or go home. Even large artwork can appear undersized or dwarfed on an extensive, tall wall.

A quick internet search will help you discover talented painters whose work and style you'll admire. Although a custom mural can be a little pricy, you can be assured your wall will be one of a kind.

If you like the idea of a mural but just can’t commit to something permanent, consider painting the wall with chalkboard paint. Then create a new colored-chalk mural whenever your once-empty wall needs updating.

One Large Piece or Multi-Panel Art

Lastly, consider an oversize canvas. Go for bright colors or a bold design. Oversize walls are also the perfect place for hanging multi-panel pieces. Just don’t hang them too close together. A little breathing room between each panel enhances the design.

Now go out and style that large wall!