Light And Luxurious Bleach Oak

When it comes to creating a modern look, interior designers turn to bleached oak.

Its surface of natural texture of woodgrain adds subtle color. It’s bright and airy, which makes your rooms seem open and uncluttered.

And best of all? Bleached oak is affordable! Veneer and laminate surfaces don’t look fake, and get this: bleached oak comes in various shades.

Bleached oak’s light shades add a look of luxury yet fits perfectly into rooms of any shape and size.

A range of colors and shades

Bleached oak is available in a wide range of color solutions – from a very light pale pink tone to a gray-silvery, deliberately aged oak.

Taking it a step further, shades of bleached oak can be either cool with light notes of blue or violet or warm tones of peach and beige.

Designers recommend choosing one tone and sticking with it and not mixing cool and warm tones.

Not just for furniture

Bleached oak isn’t just for furniture.

Consider shiplap walls or paneling the single wall that gets the most light. The changing sunlight will continually change the look of the paneled wall. And bonus! A bleached oak wall doesn’t show marks and scuffs like a painted wall.

A mantel of bleached oak can balance a dark fireplace. Its subtle light surface will make accessories and photos appear to float.

Bleached oak is a fantastic surface for cabinets and shelves. It’s clean and bright, ideally complementing painted surfaces and textured countertops.

And of course, it’s ideal for floors and doors!

Another great thing about bleached oak

It can be easily mixed with other furniture textures. For a bright, light appearance, consider pairing a sideboard in bleached oak with dark laminate end tables or coupling a bleached oak entertainment center with a textured sectional sofa.

And best of all

Bleached oak never goes out of style! It’s classic and can provide the background for other furnishings or take center stage.

So, if you’re seeking a look that’s on-trend yet timeless, go with bleached oak.