How to Give Your Canvas the Care it Deserves

If you want your canvases to look their best for years to come, they need a good dose of Tender Lovin' Care. It's not as simple as hanging them and letting them do their thing. For peak picture performance, there are a number of techniques to employ to keep them looking fine.

In this guide, we'll talk you through the basics of how to care for your canvas and let it shine throughout the years.

#1 Avoid direct sunlight

It might seem like it makes perfect sense to hang artwork in a bright spot, with direct sunlight bringing out the colors magnificently...

But this is a bad idea. Leaving a picture in direct sunlight for long periods will gradually degrade the ink and lead to dulling of the color. Even if your canvas is sprayed with UV-resistant coating, this fades over time.

Therefore, it's best to put your canvas somewhere bright with indirect sunlight instead. Try a hallway or lounge, just make sure the sun's not hitting it directly for any long periods during the day!

#2 Don't rub

Canvases get dusty over time. When you want to deal with the buildup, don't rub the print with your fingers or a cloth, as this can scratch the print material and rub the dirt deeper.

Instead, use a feather duster to lightly wipe off the surface. If you need something more effective, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Move in circles, being careful not to press or rub too hard. Make sure you don't overload the cloth with water, as a dripping wet cloth is the last thing your canvas wants!

#3 Keep it dry and cool

Consider temperature and humidity when choosing a place for your artworks. Heat and moisture can wreak havoc on your canvas, causing it to stretch over time.

So how to avoid moisture? Well, don't even think about placing your art in places like bathrooms or unfinished basements. These are hotspots for moisture buildup. You should also avoid places like kitchens, where cooking can generate heat and moisture.

Instead, go for places like bedrooms, halls, lounges, and living rooms. These are your best bet for a good canvas climate.

#4 Avoid chemicals

Beware household chemical-based cleaners. These babies can break down the UV coating on your print and even erase the ink! This damage can be irreversible, so it's not something you want to take risks with.

Instead, take your print to a professional cleaner. Try looking in your local art store or a nearby cleaning service.

#5 Store with acid-free paper

At some point, you may wish to move home or put your artwork into storage. When doing so, it's vital that you avoid paper with acid. Using regular paper can lead to yellowing of the ink of your canvas. Acid-free paper is easily available and will protect the print surface from scratches.

Beyond this, be sure to store your canvas in a cool and dry area. Ensure it's free from moisture and excessive heat, along with big temperature swings that can stretch your canvas over time.

#6 Avoid busy walkways

When you're choosing where to hang your artwork, avoid places where they're likely to be bumped and nudged by passers-by. For example, if you place your canvas near a door or in a narrow corridor, you're putting it at risk of being regularly bumped and nudged by those who walk by. Try to keep your artwork out of the way to protect it from these effects.

Over to you!

We want to see you enjoying your canvases long into the future. With these expert tips on canvas care, now you've got the know-how to do just that.