Here's why Xmas is a great time to decorate

What do you think of when you hear the word 'Christmas'? Is it the scrumptious taste of gravy-soaked meat and vegetables? Awful Xmas songs you've heard hundreds of times? Or is it the wonderful feeling of seeing someone open a present you got them that you just know was the perfect choice?

Sure, but what about holiday home decorating? Maybe it's not as ubiquitous as the rest, but it should be: and here's why...

Make the most of extra free time

It's a great time to decorate because unlike the rest of the year, you won't have to struggle to fit your decorating time around work. You can make the most of your Christmas time off and put it to use to improve your home. Way less stressful! 

You'll get to show off your work straight away

If you're the brave person hosting the whole family for Christmas, then you'll have the perfect opportunity to showcase your incredible new decorations during the holidays! Your captive audience will be blown away by your taste in décor shortly before your epic roast potatoes wow them even more. 

It's an opportunity to de-clutter 

Christmas inevitably comes with great presents and... not-so-great presents. You're about to have to find a lot more space for things in your home, so the holidays are a fantastic time to de-clutter and reorganize your home. This will not only give you more space for entertaining your guests but will give you a wonderfully uncluttered space for afterward, too! 

Give your home a fresh feel

Spending so much time in the same space gets boring after a while, so why not decorate? Around Christmas, you want to feel passionate and engaged with your home, not bored with it. So that's why before you get the family round it's a really good idea to experiment with different art and design elements in your home. Give it a try! 

Decorating over the holidays is a great idea for injecting new life and excitement into your home. Will you be decorating this year? Give Santa a surprise!