Spice Up Your Space In A Snap!

These days, you may be spending a lot of time staring at your walls. And you may be wondering how you can change the look of your rooms without a lot of time, effort or mess.

The answer is … art!

Professional decorators know that a new piece of art can bring unexpected color and movement to a room. It can make your space feel fresh and revived. It can put your existing furniture and other accessories into a whole new light.

Let’s take a look at how the pros change up rooms with art.

Artwork can add movement

Lively, colorful artwork is a great contrast to the static objects in a room. Look for artwork that invites the eye to explore, such as abstract art pieces with lines and swirls of color. 

Artwork can make colors pop

Look around your room. You have probably decorated in a primary color, with some secondary colors for accents. But look for those small, illusive tertiary or subtle tones. Add some artwork containing those colors, and see how they jump to life throughout the room. 

Artwork adds pow!

Is your room boring, beige, and non-descript? A bright artwork with vivid color adds excitement and can take a place from blah to bold.

Artwork can be subtle

Artwork doesn’t always need to be the focal point of a room. While artwork can influence a design or color palette and create bold statements, it can also be used in subtler ways to add sophistication.

Artwork can always change

If you hung a piece of art on the wall years ago and haven’t changed it, what’s stopping you? Move your existing art between rooms. Take older pieces down and hang newer ones. Take older pieces out of storage and put them in new places. 

It doesn’t take a lot to change up the appearance of your rooms. Just add art!