9 Ways To Scandi Your Style

Would you like to bring some Scandinavian style to your home? We know we would. Scandinavian interior design is globally acclaimed for its chic and modern designs, and the good news is it's not hard to incorporate into your own home. So, read on to discover what it takes to get Scandi...

1. Light wood floors

Carpets, begone! There's no place for carpets in Scandinavian interiors. Instead, opt for light, hardwood floors as much as possible. If you have wooden floors but they're darker than is ideal, you can sand or re-oil them with white floor oil. Use paint that's been mixed with water. The more water you add, the more the wood below will show through. Doing so should get you to just the right sort of pale shade.

2. Floor plants

It wouldn't be a Scandinavian interior without at least one minimal plant placed on the floor. By keeping plant life present but minimal, you can introduce natural elements into your space without over complicating things.

3. White walls

Another thing central to Scandinavian design is white walls. The cool simplicity of a white wall helps create a minimalist look that is ubiquitous to Scandi interiors. They are great for accentuating things like wall collages, open wall shelving, or things like wall lamps, making them pop out. As well as that, they brighten a space, allowing natural light to bounce around the room - very important during a dark Scandinavian winter!

4. A neutral palette

Key to the Scandi look is the use of neutral tones. Using colors like white, beige, light gray, pale pastels, and dusty pinks is central to creating a Nordic aesthetic. These are the weapons of choice for the Scandi decorator. Stick with one or two statement colors like fuchsia or sea greens and leave the rest monochrome.

5. Keep clutter away

Minimalism is just how it sounds - minimal. That means being strong and avoiding collecting or displaying clutter and tidbits that detract from your minimalist aesthetic. So, whether in your kitchen, living room, or home office, challenge yourself to keep your spaces clean.

6. Limit window treatments

Scandinavian spaces are made inviting by making sure rooms are bright and airy, with plenty of light allowed in through the windows. It's important not to block any light, so keep window treatments to a bare minimum. If you do use coverings, opt for light fabrics such as sheer curtains. An added benefit of these types of curtains is the romantic feel created during the evening as light seeps through.

7. Proper lighting is key

The Scandinavian winter is harsh, with not only cold to deal with but a lack of sunlight - sometimes as little as 7 hours a day! As such, lighting is of utmost importance in Scandinavian design. Light is considered a life source, and decor should focus on providing a lighting assortment to help create various moods. Try using modern lights with industrial designs, like wall sconces and pendant lights. For a cozy and romantic feel, opt for candle lights and candelabras.

8. Go for form and functionality

Throughout Scandinavian design, straight lines and clean forms are strongly represented. Tables, sofas, chairs, and the rest, should be modern, with smooth and rounded edges. The design style is characterized by innovation and functionality, so it's common to see things like multi-leveled wall shelving, using spaces in a smart way, adding storage space while creating visual interest.

9. Combine wood + metal floors

Traditionally, Scandinavian style incorporates wooden elements in the flooring as well as the furniture and fixtures. Recently, however, metallic finishes have joined the party. For instance, copper sconces and brass pendants are now often seen installed into wooden ceilings to add glimmer and shine.

We hope you've enjoyed these 9 ways to get Scandi in your home interiors. Good luck putting these into action and recreating this famous style!