9 Ways To Revamp Your Home's Style

Take a look around you... is your home crying out for a revamp? Are you tired of seeing the same furniture, colors, and patterns? Well then, perhaps it's time for some changes. Thankfully, your interior design advisor is right here... "Hi!"

We at NicheCanvas want you to live your best life, in your best surroundings, so we're going to give you some ideas for you to get the ball rolling on a redesign for your home. Here's how you can breathe fresh air and creativity into old spaces.

Add Large Scale Graphic Wallpaper

Okay, admittedly wallpaper has had a PR problem up until recently. Cutesy borders and terrible print have led many to shun the medium. These days though, wallpaper is back... in style.

The bold, creative, and transformative forms that wallpaper takes these days are a powerful way to create a whole new look for your space. Check out the range of neutral styles and large scale geometrics for ideas for new looks.

Add Some Plants…Creatively

Greenify your home by adding live plants. But don't stop at pot plants on sides or the floor, think outside the box (or pot). The secret to using plants to decorate is to use more unusual containers like wall plant holders, hanging plant holders, green walls, framed planters, and more.

Install Dramatic Shelving

Shelves, but not as you know them. You can really shake up a space by installing shelves that look nothing like regular shelves. A really clever way of making a dramatic shelving addition is to install slim, contemporary shelving to a wall and then backlight the whole show, creating an impressive effect.

Add Light and Style With a Floor Lamp

We're not talking about your boring, run-of-the-mill floor lamp, but something jazzy and artistic. Every home has a dark corner or group of seats crying out to be lit. Bring stylish brightness into those spaces and feel your décor be boosted with a cool floor lamp. Go for modern slimline styles or large, arched, modern floor lamps. 

Switch to Convertible Furniture

Many of us are doing our best to make things work in small spaces. One way of getting the most out of your space, and in a very cool way, is by using convertible furniture. A convertible bed, for example, can lift up into the wall during the day giving you a huge amount of extra space in your bedroom to do Yoga or rock your home office.

Get a Modern Canopy Bed

Bring fairytale slumbers into your life with a canopy bed. But don't think of the old, fusty models of yesteryear, these days, canopy beds can be modern, sleek and stylish. They've mainly abandoned fabric canopies and instead focus on minimalist yet powerful, frames. They're a great way to spruce up a bedroom.

Shun Symmetry

Who says things gotta be symmetrical to be perfect? And who needs perfection anyway? Embrace chic imperfection and embrace asymmetry. Go for furniture that's angular and funky in its design in some way. This keeps things interesting and unpredictable.

Add the All-Important Pop of Color

Recent design trends have erred towards neutral palettes, but that neglects the wonderful power of bright and vibrant color. Just a few small splashes will do the trick, even if they're muted colors. The result is a room that feels enlivened and fresh. Go on, add some color!

Rethink Your Dining Table

There's more to a great dining table than an eye-catching top. Sometimes, it's the base that can make all the difference. A great idea for you to try is to opt for a pedestal table and chairs with slim legs. This makes the visual space across the floor feel lighter and airier. 

We hope these ideas will inspire to create new moments and feeling within your home décor. Happy decorating!