7 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Bar

A talking point, a place for gathering, a place to entertain, drink and be merry...

It's the home bar, of course. These things are a wonderful place to socialize and combine the fun of going out with the comfort of staying in.

But not all home bars are created equal, with some being truly beautiful spaces for relaxing in, while others are a little more than glorified drinks cupboards.

If you'd like to learn how to create a truly classy home bar, read on for our 7 tips!

1. Make the most of wasted space

Think about your home. Are there spaces and areas you've been struggling to find a use for? A nook under the stairs? A little closet that gets no use?

These spaces are ripe to be converted into a bar. Adding shelves or cabinets allows for creative displays of your wears while small countertops, a console table, or bar cabinet will provide a nice working space for a home bar setup.

2. Show off your wine collection

A home bar is the perfect way to show off your wine collection.

A fine array of wines will not only look classy and sophisticated but will show off your tastes, too.

Try a glass-fronted wine cooler to keep your wines refrigerated. Also, consider investing in shelves and storage for the bottles that don't need refrigerating.

3. Invest in beautiful cabinetry

The world's your oyster when it comes to cabinets. There's so much choice for delightful designs for displaying your drinks, glasses, and bar tools stylishly.

Try cabinets with glass doors, floating shelves, or kooky designs. The above examples are cool and practical ways of storing your bits and pieces while still making a statement.

Keep the design of the rest of the room in mind when choosing elements and try to ensure it fits with the overall theme. You may also like to add a pop of color to make the area stand out.

4. Don't forget about lighting

As in all places in your home, the lighting is key! Think about bars you go to... are they bright or dark?

Bars usually tend to be dark with warm lighting. If you want to recreate this feel then go for nice warm bulbs in lamps and sconces near the bar.

Under-cabinet lighting, unique pendants, rope lights tucked under shelves, or LEDs are all also great options.

5. Stock up on the essentials!

It's no bar if it hasn't got the bar essentials! You can go all out and buy everything you'd ever need, or focus on the things you need to make the drinks you like most.

List your favorite cocktails and drinks and make sure you've got all you need to create them.

Here are the most common bar tools you may need to make the magic happen: a cocktail shaker, jiggers, mixing spoon, mixing cups, a muddler, beer and wine opener, and a variety of different drink glasses.

If you've got a freezer, then you could also buy some interesting ice cube trays to add some pizazz to your drinks.

6. Use reclaimed wood for accents

There's no better way of adding some old-world charm than with reclaimed wood, or better yet, a whole wall of it!

Using reclaimed wood to add an accent wall to your home bar is a great way of introducing an organic element to your home.

Plus, you get a real bang for your buck as it's inexpensive but has a huge impact.

7. Express yourself

Remember, it's your bar! Anything is possible.

Got a favorite sports team? Add some memorabilia or create the perfect setup for watching the games.

Maybe you love Game of Thrones? You could theme it! Your options are endless.

We hope you have a ball designing and decorating your home bar.

Have fun with it and when you're done, get your friends around to enjoy the first round on you!