6 Ways to Master Your Mirrors

Mirrors are decoration dynamite. They’re versatile, magical objects that can provide much more than just a reflection. They can make rooms brighter, more dramatic, and feel bigger with ease. Find out how to master the use of these brilliant pieces by reading on.

#1 Look On The Bright Side

If your space suffers from dark corners and dim light, mirrors are your best friend. They’ll increase the amount of natural light in a room, harnessing all available daylight to boost your light levels.

It’s not only natural light that can be boosted by mirrors, either. Mirrors are very effective at emphasizing output from other light sources too. If you need to add more light, placing a mirror near a light source like a lamp or sconce can work wonders.

#2  Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

A mirror can make an impressive focal piece with almost as much visual impact as a painting. Got a mantelpiece? Mirrors look right at home here. If you don’t have a mantelpiece, don’t worry. You can put a mirror anywhere. Large mirrors have the power to dictate the center of the room.

You could also try grouping a selection of smaller mirrors to jazz up a wall. It’s up to you to decide whether you go for all of the same size or a more varied collection. Whatever you do, you’ll be creating a cool feature in your room.

#3 Make The Mirror a Window

For a windowless room, a mirror can be the difference between gloom and bloom. We recommend a big, boisterous mirror that maximizes luminosity! Another trick to try in the darker corners of the home, like hallways, is to use a mirror that mimics the shape of a window. This creates a perfect illusion of window light.

#4 Experiment With Shapes

There’s more to the world of mirrors than the trusty rectangle! You’ll find plenty of room to experiment with mirrors when you start considering more unconventional shapes like circles, triangles, and all manner of geometries!

Even placement and positioning can be experimented with. It doesn’t always have to be at eye level. Hang a vertical mirror horizontally behind a bed for example, above your headboard. Or why not frame a view? You can place mirrors either side of a window or doorway to create a balanced and tranquil effect.

#5 Not Just For Indoors!

Who says mirrors have to stay in the house? In truth, there’s nothing to stop you putting a mirror in the garden. In fact, we encourage it. It’s a great way to reflect more light into a north-facing patio, or positioned across greenery, it can add a patch of whimsy. Play around with different shapes, sizes, and layouts and see what speaks to you.

#6 Hang It Properly

Everyone knows breaking a mirror is bad luck. So we implore you: make sure you hang your mirrors properly. One measly nail hammered into the wall ain’t gonna cut it. Go for proper wall hooks or hangers and use at least two. This will avoid any tipping that will cause the mirror to sit at an angle and make your mirror far less likely to fall. If hanging a particularly heavy mirror, contact the professionals.


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