4 Unarguable Reasons Why You Just GOTTA Have Wall Art

No matter how into "minimalism" you are, there’s no denying it — bare walls suck.

Your empty walls are the blank canvases that can be used to express yourself. And there are even more reasons why you should go ahead and add art to your walls.

Sure, we might be a little biased (we’re all about wall art), but here are 4 reasons why you gotta get some things on those walls.

Art Helps You Pick a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for a room is daunting, no doubt. With literally thousands of color combinations, how are you supposed to pick just ONE?!

Fear not, chronically indecisive interior designers, because wall art can help.

Put the paint swatches down and focus on finding great pieces for your walls instead.

Once you’ve found a painting you love, use its dominant color few of the secondary shades to build a your color theme for the room.

Art Creates a Focal Point

Trust us, every room needs a bold focal point that draws the eye. A brave piece of art hanging proudly above your bed or fireplace makes a bold statement.

The most important consideration is size, and as they say, size matters. Too small and your piece will be dwarfed by its surroundings.

Too big and it will dwarf everything else!

Make sure to measure your wall space and any furniture, if necessary, and be armed with this info before you make your purchase.

Gives Adds Textures

Wall art gives you loads of great options for mixing up your textures. Of course, you might just want to stick with something like a 2-dimensional piece or similar.

But in addition to paintings and prints, you could mix things up by introducing sculptures or shadow boxes that will add depth to your room.

It doesn’t stop there either. Go even further and introduce mixed media like screens or digital art . . . It is 2020 after all.

Wall Art "Finishes" A Room

Remember the last time you moved? Your new home probably didn’t feel like home until the art was hung on the walls.

Bare walls are just as much as a signature of an incomplete room as walls bursting with art are the opposite.

It’s the finishing element that ties a space together and gives it a sense of completion.

So take a look at your walls. Seem empty? Just add art!