💡 Simple, Stunning Xmas Light Tips To Transform Your Home

Did you know that Holidays lights have been around since before electricity?


Well, back in those dark pre-electrical days, Christmas trees were adorned with tiny, flickering candles.
Thankfully, they didn’t stay lit long and a bucket of water was always close by.

Then, came those big painted light bulbs. They too, burned hot and were a fire hazard, but were much safer than candles.
Today we have much safer alternatives that emit little, if no heat.
And thanks to batteries and solar-charging, we can put lights practically anywhere!

Twinkle lights around a mirror for twice the brightness.

Snowflake-shaped lights cascading from the ceiling create a wintry wonderland.

No tree? No problem! Just use some sturdy tape and your imagination!

Some battery-operated lights, a few ornaments and a wide-mouth jar equal instant holiday cheer.
It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the warmth of steady-glowing lights or the excitement of flashing and dashing lights...

Now you can decorate for the holidays any way and anywhere you wish!