Love Where You Live

Unless you have unlimited amounts of money or can buy and sell houses like a hot game of Monopoly, there’s probably something about your home that you don’t like and can’t fix to your liking.

Fortunately, there are some quick fixes that won’t break the bank. Here are 10 ideas.

1. Do a deep clean

Put on some upbeat music and plan on cleaning all day. Seeing your space when everything is clean can change your perception of a room.

Hate cleaning? Indulge in a one-time deep clean by a cleaning service. It’s worth it!

2. Wash the windows

Windows are very often overlooked or ignored when it comes to cleaning...

But trust us, bright sunlight streaming through nearly invisible glass can lift your mood.

If you’re not into it, again, hire a cleaning service or a window-washing company for a streak-free sparkle!

3. Change your window treatments

Windows, curtains, blinds, sheers...they all have a significant impact on how you feel about your space. They can also change the visual architecture of a space.

If your walls are low, hang treatments near the ceiling. If your windows are narrow, mount your blinds on the outside of the frame to make them seem larger or inside the frame for a streamlined look.

Even a fresh set of vinyl mini-blinds can update a room. If you’re a renter, ditch the ones that came with the place and replace them with a new set. Add some airy sheers and presto...instant update!

4. Go green

Fresh or potted flowers make any room feel better and brighter. And there’s nothing like a beautiful green plant, like a Peace Lily or Fig Tree, to make a room feel like home.

They make an excellent “every once in a while” indulgence, and for all the other times, there’s always houseplants, which are like flowers that last forever (or as long as you keep them alive.)

5. Double up

Consider multi-functional pieces of furniture.

A coffee table that doubles as storage or as an ottoman, sofa pillows that can be tossed on the floor for additional seating.

You can get creative here!

6. Cut the clutter

Stuff. So. Much. Stuff.

Magazines on the coffee table. Shoes in the entryway. Junk mail on the table. Even things like mementos or souvenirs contribute to an overall messy feel in a space.

Recycle the paper. Put away your shoes. Display your mementos neatly (or throw them away if they’re no longer meaningful.)

Even tidying up unseen places, such as the junk drawer, the bathroom cabinet, or closets, can lift your spirits.

7. Fine-tune furnishings

Do you have a room full of unused furniture?

The chair no one sit in. The random table. The ottoman you trip over. Get rid of them!

Sometimes, removing just one piece can make your whole space feel brighter and open.

8. Find a signature scent

Find a scent you love, whether it’s a candle, essential oils, or incense, or air freshener, and make it your space’s signature scent—one you love and will immediately associate with home.

It'll make being home a lot more soothing.

9. Ask permission

You may be surprised with what the landlord will agree to, especially if your upgrades are temporary or an improvement.

If you can’t stand that chandelier, replace it with a sleek pendant lamp.

Ugly wall and switchplates? Replace them. Hideous backsplash? Peel and stick tiles. Who knows, they may even agree to a fresh coat of paint...and pay for it!

10. Hang new art!

Nothing brightens and personalizes a space quite like art.

Whether it’s a piece that you already have and love, or a new piece that’s fresh and exciting, art will go a long way toward making a house into your home.

In the words of Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” Especially when you make it your own.