8 Pro Lighting Hacks To Upgrade Your Home

 Room lights and canvass

Lighting! It's easy to overlook, but impossible to ignore. When you're trying to make your home look gorgeous, it's one of the most important factors. But where do you start? Lighting isn't as simple as just 'lighting' a room... There's an art to it. But we're not all lucky enough to be interior designers, are we? So that's why we've compiled 8 hacks for you to use to upgrade your lighting. Read on to find out more. 

Choose a focal point

Don't make the mistake of choosing fixtures, lamps, and sconces all of the same size. Instead, you should choose one larger piece as the focal point. For example, a chandelier in a dining room. Without a proper focal point, the eye searches for visual clarity without finding anything in specific. 

Remember to consider scale

Make sure your lighting doesn't overpower your room while being careful that it's not lost either. There are a few guidelines you can employ to help inform your choices in this area. The length plus the width of a room in feet should generally equal about the diameter of a chandelier in inches. For example, If your room is 12x12 feet, your chandelier should be around 24 inches in diameter. 

Layer your lighting 

Layers are central to spectacular lighting. For the best results, try to include at least three sources of light in each space. In smaller areas, reduce bulb wattage and the size of your lights to compensate for the fewer square feet. 

Embrace dimmers

Dim lights

Dimmers are fantastic tools that you can use to instantly change a room's atmosphere... not to mention save on your energy bill! By installing these magic switches in as many rooms as you can, you'll give yourself great control over your lighting. Use dimmers to change the mood and balance artificial and natural light. 

Use lighting in unexpected ways 

Lighting doesn't revolve around overhead fixtures and portable lamps. Create unexpected flourishes by using pops of light to give your home a personalized look. It's a good idea to use mini lights to illuminate bookshelf pieces or hang a pendant bedside. Another idea you could use is to uplight a plant with a small spotlight turned up towards the plant. 

Use a lighting control app 

There's an app for everything these days, and that includes your lighting. Buy lights that are compatible with apps and you'll be able to turn on and off your lighting without needing to move from the couch. You can use it for times like when you're on vacation and don't want the house to look vacant or if you want your lights to turn on when your alarm goes off, for example. 

Use energy-efficient bulbs 

Clean room

It's a good idea to swap out the bulbs in the light fixtures you use most often, like the kitchen or lounge, for energy-efficient models. By doing this, you could save $40-135 per bulb in energy bills, cut energy use by around 75% and generate 75% less heat. 

Find a new ceiling fan 

Can you remember the last time you updated your ceiling fan? If you don't remember, maybe it's time for an upgrade. New models of ceiling fans use a lot less energy and are better at cooling than older models. Don't let an old, rusty ceiling fan let your lighting down. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our 8 hacks for lighting success. Use these tips and get ready to see your home in a new light!